Dean Henricksen



The top of the entertainment world and the hidden caverns of mob violence form backdrops for a story of an individual's journey in search of personal freedom. The path is perilous, precarious, and personally challenging.


Incognito and far from the recognition of adoring fans, world-renowned entertainer Dan Tremain, in the wrong place at the wrong time, is nearly destroyed in an underworld battle to control East Coast mob fortunes. His resolve to rebound from incapacity changes the viewpoint of some in the country’s national crime-fighting establishment as well as a  small  town’s police force dealing with mob reprisal and repression. 


DISCLOSURE takes the reader from Cape Cod to Boston then to Knoxville, Tennessee and back.  The story weaves its way through love and desperation, beauty and betrayal, life and death.  Characters from the sensible to the sinister and the curious to the capricious all take their places alongside Tremain who is struggling to hold himself together amidst significant challenges while sticking fast to the best beliefs of mankind.


DISCLOSURE strikes a balance on several levels of human interest and growth: from naivety to a deeper understanding of an all too pervasive human condition. 


Copyright by Dean Henricksen , All rights reserved

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